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Mission Statement

The Archives identifies, collects, preserves, and makes accessible historical materials related to the ongoing history of Hope International University. These materials include records and publications produced by the university as well as books and materials published by faculty. Hope International University (under various names) is affiliated with the Restoration Movement (Christian Churches / Churches of Christ). As such, other collections include works of the Restoration Movement, particularly those published west of the Mississippi River.

Goals & Objectives

Goals are those general ideals we hope to uphold through the development of the university archives. Objectives are the measured steps by which we will know we are accomplishing the goals we have set forth.

Goal I. To further the goals of Hope International University, especially as they pertain to preparation of students for leadership roles, the fostering of teaching and research excellence, and enriching the wider ecumenical witness of the Restoration Movement.

A. Develop a collection of works published by university faculty emphasizing scholarship and leadership activities.

B. Develop a collection of classic works of Restoration Movement.

C. Develop a collection of works by and about Restoration Movement leaders with a regional focus on works published west of the Mississippi River.

Goal II. To promote knowledge and understanding of the history, programs and goals of Hope International University by providing access to historical information about the university.

A. Develop a collection of university publications, including newsletters, bulletins, yearbooks, magazines, faculty handbooks, student handbooks, and other official, internal, and other promotional publications (including electronic and other non-traditional and non-print forms) representative of the various historical phases of the university’s development.

B. Develop a collection of photographs and other non-print media representing historical buildings, persons, and other representations documenting the visual history of the university.

Goal III. To promote a sense of community among all Hope International University students—including those in non-traditional and distance courses of study—staff, faculty, administrators, alumni, and friends of the university.

A. Create displays and digital representations of rare books and materials to allow greater access.

B. Create programs and displays of various forms and in various formats and maintain collections highlighting university culture and educational emphases.

C. Provide activities and programs intended to create a bridge between current and future generations of students, alumni, and other community members to promote preservation of positive and meaningful University traditions.


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