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Restoration Movement and the Independent Christian Churches / Churches of Christ

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This annotated list of resources accompanies adult Sunday School Curriculum Hope for the Future, Hope International University, 2006.


Campbell, Alexander. The Christian System. Gospel Advocate Co., 2001. Available Online: Forrester and Campbell, 1939.


Campbell, Thomas. Declaration and Address of the Christian Association of Washington . Printed by Brown & Sample, 1809. Available online :


Fife, Robert O. Conveying the Incarnation. [Westwood Christian Foundation], c1993.
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Ford, Harold W. A History of the Restoration Plea: Being a History of the Statements of the Plea of the Churches of Christ for Christian Unity Upon the Basis of a Restoration of the Church of the New Testament. College Press, c1952.

This is a history of an idea – the basic plea of the Restoration Movement – and how it was stated and understood over a period of 150 years up to 1948. Ford breaks the history up into 5 eras and gives a summation of the Plea in a final chapter. From a Christian Church (Independent) perspective, he demonstrates that statements of the Plea show how the divisions of the Restoration Movement came in to being. Extensive bibliography.  

Foster, Douglas A., et al. The Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Movement: Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, Churches of Christ. W.B. Eerdmans Pub., c2004.

Contains almost 600 articles (most with bibliographies) by over 300 contributors on individuals, events, places, institutions, publications, and theological tenets of the American Restoration Movement. Illustrated by over 200 photographs. Contains an index. – Harding University Graduate School of Religion Library Restoration Church History Bibliography (

Garrett, Leroy. The Stone-Campbell Movement: the Story of the American Restoration Movement. College Press Pub. Co.; Rev./Exp. ed., 1994.


“Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.” Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is an online free encyclopedia which can be edited by anyone using its collaborative software on the Web.

Knowles, Victor . Together in Christ: More than a Dream. College Press, 2006.

“God calls us to unity-to oneness-joined together under the headship of Christ. So why are we so divided? We disagree over music, worship styles, order of service, how big should the new auditorium be, etc... All the while millions of lost people are watching and deciding that Christians have nothing different to offer them then the sinful world they live in. Victor Knowles has collected Scriptures, prayers, songs, statements from early church leaders and current leaders on the subject of unity. It ends with a plea for unity. Every Christian needs to read and live out the content of this book to create a united force ready to conquer the world for Christ.” – from the publisher.


Murch, James DeForest. Christians Only: A History of the Restoration Movement. Wipf & Stock, 2004. Previously published by Standard Publishing, 1962.

This is a clearly written and readable history of the Restoration Movement from its beginnings to 1952. It begins with how the church has attempted to preserve the faith and includes a brief history of the Great Awakening in America which resulted in the beginning of the movement. Written from a centrist point of view, in one sense it is a history of the evolution of the three divisions with the “liberal” disciples on one side and the “fundamental” a capella churches on the other. Brief bibliographies at the end of each chapter.


Richardson, William J., ed. Christian Doctrine: “The Faith, Once Delivered.” Wipf & Stock, 2004. Previously published by Standard Pub., c1983.

Robinson, William. The Biblical Doctrine of the Church. Wipf & Stock, [1998?]. Previously published by Bethany Press, 1948.

“Eight lectures printed as delivered to the School of Religion, Butler University, Indianapolis, in 1947. Much of the material was originally prepared for the Commission of the Edinburgh Conference, 1937 (Faith and Order Movement) which dealt with "The Church and the Word of God." After Lausanne (1927), Robinson became convinced that questions of the sacraments or ministry could not be resolved without the issue of the nature of the church being tackled. This is his attempt, written from the perspective of a 19th century unity movement centered around the leadership of Americans Barton Stone and Alexander Campbell.” – Wipf and Stock .


Staton, Knofel. The Paraphrase of Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address (1976) Available Online:


Stone, Sam E. Simply Christians: New Testament Christianity in the 21 st Century. College Press, c2004.

Stone, former editor of the Christian Standard, brings together data on the independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ and a summary of the heritage and convictions of these churches. The appendix includes reprints of primary sources and statistical reports.


Stone-Campbell Journal. Semi-annual (April, October). Stone-Campbell International. Selections available online:

“Provides a scholarly platform for biblical interpretation, history, theology, philosophy, apologetics, and cultural criticism for those who value the perspective of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement and who endeavor to advance its distinctive principles today.” – publisher.


Webb, Henry E. In Search of Christian Unity: A History of the Restoration Movement. Standard Pub., c1990.


Welshimer, P.H. Facts Concerning the New Testament Church (Tracts). Standard Pub., 1996. Available online:



Restoration Movement. Hugh and Hazel Darling Library. Hope International University.

Digital archives of Hope International University, Pacific Christian College, and Pacific Bible Seminary.


The Restoration Movement Pages. Maintained by Hans Rollmann, Memorial University of Newfoundland, c1995-2004.

Features historical texts, pictures, resources for historical research and links to other relevant pages dealing with the Restoration Movement.

The . Maintained by Scott Harp. Fayetteville Church of Christ. Fayetteville, GA, c2000.


Stone-Campbell Restoration Resources. Maintained by Jim McMillan.

This site provides access to research tools such as biographies, bibliographies, searchable databases and indices, and texts related to the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement that are not available any where else on the Internet and acts as a gateway to other sources of information on the Internet about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.


The Restoration Reprint Library. (Over 100 titles reprinted by College Press.)

The Millennial Harbinger (40 volumes). Edited by Alexander Campbell and others. Available Online:

The Christian Messenger (11 volumes). Edited by Barton Stone. Available Online:



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