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In the simplest terms, a "digital library" is a collection of texts, images, etc., encoded so as to be stored, retrieved, and read by computer. A growing number of digital libraries is being made available to the public via the World Wide Web, dedicated to the history and heritage of the Restoration Movement. Here are some exceptional examples, listed in alphabetical order:

Center for Restoration Studies

The Center for Restoration Studies is a repository of books, archival materials (cabinets and boxes of file folders, papers, audio/video cassettes etc.) and artifacts connected with the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. Although the CRS contains a rich collection of nineteenth-century materials, the chief focus is on Churches of Christ, especially their twentieth-century development. Maintained by Abilene Christian University.

Disciples of Christ Historical Society

The Historical Society contains the largest collection of material of the Campbell-Stone Movement in the world and one of the most significant religious collections in American Protestantism. The site provides links to several Restoration Movement indexes and provides help to those wishing to preserve congregational histories. Maintained by the DCHS, c1997-1998.

Hymnals of the Stone-Campbell Movement: Enos E. Dowling Hymnal Collection

The Enos E. Dowling Hymnal Collection is a unique collection of nineteenth century hymnals that have been digitized and placed online for access by scholars, musicians, worship leaders, and others who may have an interest in or love for the music of the Stone-Campbell Movement's heritage. This site contains the lyrics of over 9,000 hymns from 19 hymnals. It also includes the scanned pages of the hymnals, MIDI versions of the tunes, a search engine for finding a particular hymn, as well as background information about the authors and compilers of the hymns. Maintained by Lincoln Christian College and Seminary, c1999-2000.

Pioneer History

The history of the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches in the Pacific Northwest up to about 1900. Church of Christ (mostly a cappella) emphasis. Maintained by Charles Dailey, c2000.

The Restoration Movement Pages

Features historical texts, pictures, resources for historical research and links to other relevant pages dealing with the Restoration Movement. Provides access to research databases and acts as a gateway to other sources of information on the Internet about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. Maintained by Hans Rollmann.

Unity In Diversity

Search the writings of W. Carl Ketcherside.

For a more comprehensive bibliography of web sites including online periodicals, see the Restoration Movement webliography.

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