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The Lampas

In the mid-1940s the Pacific Bible Seminary student body began publishing the yearbook. The Lampas, a word coming from the Greek word for "light," was named by Mrs. Martha Hurst, who served as its faculty advisor.

Note: Only the first eight publications were small enough (15-45 pages) and bound in a way that made digitizing them and making them available online managable.

Digitized Lampas' in pdf format, listed here with the dedication.

  • 1944 - Professor William Harvey Beard
  • 1945 - President James G. Hurst
  • 1946 - Don Everett
  • 1947 - "Our Missionaries"
  • 1948 - Martha B. Hurst
  • 1949 - Laura Arnold
  • 1950 - "To Alumni"
  • 1951 - Dr. Henry F. Miles, Chairman of the Board of Trustees since the founding of Pacific Bible Seminary

Digitization (tiff and pdf files) by Entrepot Scanning, Inc.

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