Reference and Instruction

We support the library's mission by facilitating access to information through direct personal service to library patrons, and by supporting the university's instructional program through the provision of formal and informal library and bibliographic instruction. We introduce students, faculty, administration, and staff to strategies of research and resources available and teach how to use these strategies and resources effectively.

The Librarian is In sign
Research Assistance

Have a research question? HIU Librarians are available to help in the Library during their office hours (look for the Librarian is In sign), online through our LibAnswers (FAQ) service, and by email. You may also arrange one-on-one research consultations with a librarian.

Want to know more about our Librarian is In sign and how to find the librarian on duty? Read about it here on the library's blog!

Library Instruction

HIU Librarians offer classroom based or online embedded instruction in library research methods, information literacy, or subject specific research tools.

Request a Classroom Instruction Session
Submit an instruction request form online or contact a Librarian.

Embedded Instruction
Bring the Library directly into your Canvas classroom environment with Embedded Instruction. You choose how deep our services and resources exist in your course. Choose anything from a link to a specialized research guide or video tutorial, to an assignment in partnership with a librarian. There are six (6) levels of embedded instruction.

Read more about Embedded Instruction and find out who to contact.

Information Literacy in the Curriculum
Do you teach a course that has been identified as a place to teach and assess Information Literacy? WASC has added Information Literacy to the list of required competencies. We are happy to work with you to create a plan to support student research and information literacy skill development in your course. If you would like to talk over possibilities with a librarian familiar with integrating Information Literacy into a course, please contact us.

Library Faculty

  • Robin Hartman, MLIS - Director of Library Services
  • Jennifer Rich, MLIS- Systems & Technical Services LIbrarian