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“Taubman was not only a great preacher, he was also a caring pastor to the people of the church. The amount of time spent in direct contact with people on a weekly basis leaves one wondering where he found the time to prepare his powerful sermons. Taubman’s personal calendars contain daily references to personal visits, weddings and funerals which leave us with the impression that he spent every waking moment in the presence of the people of the church and community. It is not uncommon to find that Taubman had 3 or 4 weddings, as many funerals, and even more lunch or dinner engagements in any given week(1).”

He kept a pocket diary for recording not only appointments, but calls made, weddings, funerals, names of new members added to the church, attendance records, and income. Of particular note in the Taubman Collection is a red leather bound "Year Book Edition DeLuxe" 1907 pocket calendar from his first year of work as the Christian Standard traveling evangelist.

Additionally, his "Pastor's Vest-Pocket Ready Reference Record" (1913-1918) includes records from his pastoral work in Tulsa, Oklahoma and his early years in Long Beach, California.

The collection also includes a pocket diary (calendar) for each of the following years: 1914, 1915, 1918 through 1921, and 1923 through 1938, the year he retired from teaching the Men's Bible Class.

(1) Kragenbrink, Kevin R. George P. Taubman: "Conservative Christian Church Evangelist and Champion of the Men's Bible Class Movement." Thesis (M.A.) Pepperdine University, 1991: 61-62.

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