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“Taubman’s success as a preacher comes as the result of a natural gift for the work, as evidenced by his success from the very beginning of his ministry, combined with a commitment to Scripture and a mind for organization. Most of his sermons were written out in detail before he entered the pulpit to deliver them, and once prepared and preached they were carefully filed and cross referenced." One of the men of the church in Long Beach built him a file cabinet designed to hold thousands of sermons.

"The message of man’s sin, God’s grace and Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection is evident in every sermon he preached"

What Others Said About His Preaching

D. B. Garrison

“Taubman is called on for public addresses more than any preacher in Long Beach; sometimes four or five a mistake week. And the singular thing is that he never makes a mistake, but always says the right thing at the right place.” (Garrison, D.B. “Doctrinal Preaching on the Pacific Coast,” Christian Standard, 22 April 1916: 1044)

Marshall W. Mertins

"I suppose there are few men in town who preach to as many people as Dr. Taubman. He seems to know what to say that will draw the people… He isn’t afraid of what folks will think of him. He is pretty brave when it comes to expressing his opinion.” (Mertins, Marshall W. “Pastor Praised for Willingness to Fight.”)

Editorial. Long Beach Press-Telegram.

“He had the gift of translating the formal language of religion into everyday terms easily understood by ordinary men and women… His preaching had both reverence and the effectiveness of simplicity.” (“Dr. Taubman’s Notable Ministry,” Editorial. Long Beach Press Telegram, March 14, 1947)




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