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▪1801 Cane Ridge Revival

▪1807 Thomas Campbell arrives in America

▪1808 Herald of Gospel Liberty begins publication

▪1809 Declaration and Address published

▪1800-1830 Second Great Awakening

▪1803 Louisiana Purchase

▪1803-06 Lewis & Clark Expedition




▪1811 Brush Run church organized

▪1816 Alexander Campbell’s “Sermon on the Law”

▪1814 - Richard Allen forms the first African American denomination (AME Church)

▪1815-26 five non-denominational societies developed with common “union” principle

▪1816 American Bible Society is founded

▪1811 National Road construction begins

▪1812 US declares war on Great Britian

▪1815 Battle of New Orleans




▪1820 Campbell - Walker Debate (infant baptism)

▪1823 Campbell - McCalla Debate (infant baptism)

▪1823The Christian Baptist begins publication (1823-1830)

▪1826 Stone first published The Christian Messenger (1826-1845)

▪1820s Joseph Smith begins to see visions that culminate in The Book of Mormon in 1830

▪1821 Mexico gains independence from Spain

▪1825 The Trail of Tears




▪1830 Campbell - Owen debate (natural religion & utopianism)

▪1830 A. Campbell published 1st issue of Millennial Harbinger

▪1831 The Evangelist published by W. Scott & J.T. Johnson

▪1832 Stone & Campbell unite

▪1835 The Gospel Advocate began publication - Christianity Restored published by A. Campbell

▪1837 Bacon College (Georgetown, KY) established.

▪1833 The Congregationalist Church of Massachusetts is disestablished (the last American denomination to retain vestiges of state support.

▪1837 Northern and Southern Presbyterians split over issues of church order and theology (and whether to tolerate slavery)

▪1831 Slave revolt in Virginia



▪1840 Bethany College (WV) founded - joined over 200 colleges and seminaries

▪1843 Campbell-Rice debate (Presbyterianism)

▪1844 Barton W. Stone died

▪1845 American Bible Convention held

▪1849 American Christian Missionary Society formed

▪1843-44 Thousands of followers of William Miller wait for the return of Christ; several denominations including the 7th Day Adventist spring from the "Disappointment"

▪1844 Baptists and Methodists both divide North and South over question of slavery

▪1842 Immigration tops 100,000; most coming from Ireland

▪1845 Texas and Florida admitted to the union; Oregon Territory annexed

▪1846 US-Mexican War begins

▪1848 Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention

▪Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto

▪1849 California Gold Rush



  ▪1856 The Annual Meeting of the American Christian Missionary Society became in effect a national convention of Christian Church and Churches of Christ. It grew into the International Convention of Disciples of Christ.

▪1859 - 3/5 of American “public” libraries supplied by the Sunday School movement

▪1850 California Admitted to the Union

▪1853 Gadsden Purchase

▪1857 Dred Scott Decision

▪1858 Darwin's Origin of Species published



1869 - Born June 30 in Port St. Mary Isle of Man in Scotland

▪1864 Alexander Campbell died.

▪1865 College of the Bible established (decendant from Bacon College)

▪1867 Moses Lard raised the "instrument" question to a hot national issue.

▪1860 - Sunday School Teachers Institutes▼ ▪1860 Lincoln elected

▪1861-65 Civil War

▪1867 Alaska purchased

▪1867-77 Southern Reconstruction

▪1869 Transcontinental Railroad



▪1871 - Family moved to Cleveland, Ohio

▪1874 "The Christian Women's Board of Missions" founded.

▪1875 "Foreign Christian Missionary Society" formed.

▪1872 - Uniform Lesson Plan approved by the National Sunday school convention

▪1874 - Women's Christian Temperance Union founded

▪1876 - Bethany Sunday School largest in America – John Wanamaker




▪1882 Milligan College (Tennessee) established.

▪1882 The Christian Evangelist formed; succeeds The Christian Messenger, The Christian, and The Evangelist

▪1886 "The National Benevolent Association" formed to care for preachers without means of support

▪1888 "The Board of Church Extension" formed to help fund church buildings.

▪1880 - Salvation Army begins work in US

▪1881 - Christian Endeavor




▪1889 - WCTU requests quarterly temperance lessons

▪1881 Immigration to US tops 500,000 with most immigrants coming from Gernany


▪1890 - Began attending College of the Bible in Lexington, Kentucky (influenced by McGarvey)

▪1894 - B.T. degree from College of the Bible (age 25)

▪Ordained in Falmouth, Kentucky (student ministry)

▪1895-1898 Ministry at FCC in Newport, Kentucky

▪1896, Jan. 9 - Married Anne; daughter Margaret born

▪1897 son George, Jr. born

▪1898 daughter Mary born

▪1898-1899 Ministry at May’s Lick CC in May’s Lick, Kentucky; Organizes a Junior Christian Endeavor Society for Youth

1899-1906 Ministry at FCC in Portsmouth, Ohio

▪1891 David Lipscomb College established (Nashville, TN) - non-instrument

▪1892 Johnson Bible College (Knoxville, TN) formed

▪1893 "The World Congress of the Disciples of Christ" was held in connection with the General Missionary Convention.

▪1894 Disciple Divinity House opened as part of University of Chicago. Developed into leading seminary training "Liberals."

▪1890-1920 Third Great Awakening ▼

▪1890 - Nat’l Sunday School Conventions compared to political rallies until 1914 ▼

▪1891 - Billy Sunday

▪1898 Spanish-American War begins

▪1898 Hawaii annexed



1900-1906 - 2nd largest Sunday School in the RM

▪1907-1909 Ministry as Christian Standard traveling Evangelist

▪1909 Associate Ministry at Independence Blvd. CC in Kansas City, Missouri with Combs

▪1906 The non-instrumental Churches of Christ listed by USA publications as a separate denomination

▪1906 Abilene Christian College established

▪1909 "THe Pittsburg Centennial Celebration of the Declaration and Address." The last time many non-instrumental Churches of Christ came to a nunited convention.

▪1906 Pentecostal movement begins

▪1908 Federal Council of Churches is formed to promote cooperative action by mainline Protestant denominations

▪1905 Immigration to US tops 1 million with most immigrants coming from Southern and Eastern Europe

▪1908 Japanese Immigration to US restricted



▪1910-1912 Ministry at Hyde Park CC in Kansas City, Missouri  

▪1913-1915 Ministry at FCC in Tulsa, Oklahoma

▪1913 Speaker for Church Leaders Convention in Davenport, Iowa

1915-1938 Ministry at FCC in Long Beach, California

▪1912 J.W. McGarvey died.

▪1917 - FCC Long Beach begins hosting annual California State Disciples of Christ State Convention

▪1919 "The United Christian Missionary Society" was formed, becoming the center of controversy over liberalism and open-membership on the mission fields that eventually produced the formal "Disciple" and "Independent" wings of the movement.

1910-1915 The Fundamentals: A Testimony to Truth are published as a way of defending traditional Christian doctrines against the modern theology

▪1917 US enters World War I

▪1919 Eighteenth Amendment (Prohibition) enacted



▪1922 -Health break down – Hawaii 2 mos.

▪1923 - Armistice Day – 31,034 men in Lincoln Park (big Sunday School rally day)

▪1923 Sunset Magazine article

▪1927 - 2nd health break down – radio broadcast from bed ( scheduled to be keynote speaker at first NACC, had to cancel due to health problems)

▪1928 - Opening Address at 2nd Annual NACC

1928 - First Pacific Bible Seminary classes held at Alvarado Church of Christ in Los Angeles

▪1928 Sept-Dec. George Rutledge served as president

▪1929 Dr. Mckenzie Meldrum served as president

▪1929 - Classes moved to First Christian Church of Long Beach

▪1922 Harding College (AR) began

▪Other colleges forming this decade included: Cincinnati Bible Institute & Seminary, Manhattan Kansas Chrisian College, and Pacific Bible Seminary (Los Angeles, CA).

▪1925 "The Christian Restoration Association" formed. The Christian Herald was it's voice.

▪1927 - First annual North American Christian Convention (NACC) held. It became the all but official convention of the "Independents."

▪1929 - last year FCC Long Beach hosts California State Disciples of Christ State Convention

1923 Pentecostal evangelist, Aimee Semple McPherson, is one of the first to broadcast over the radio

▪1920 - Women's suffrage

▪1925 - Scopes Trial (in re: teaching Evolution in public schools)

▪1929 - Stock Market Crash



▪1930 -Keynote Speaker of National Federation of Men’s Bible Classes in DC

▪1931 Becomes Dean of Pacific Bible Seminary

▪1933 devistating earthquake

▪1934 3rd health break down

▪1935 4th health break down

▪1938 Retirement from teaching Men’s Bible Class – class disbanded

▪1939 Retirement from preaching

▪1931 Dr. James G. Hurst called to presidency after serving as VP and President Pro Tem.

▪1932 first graduating class

▪1933 classes held in a small house in Long Beach after the earthquake


▪1937 PBS moves to Anaheim Street in Long Beach

▪1931 The American Christian Church and the Congregational Churches united to form theCongregational ChristianChurches. Later merged with United Churches of Christ.



▪1937 Pepperdine College established.

1930s Mainline Protestant churches decline, but fundamentalist, holiness, Pentecostal, and African American churches continue to grow.

▪1930-1939 The Great Depression

▪1933 Long Beach earthquake

▪1933 Prohibition repealed



▪1938 Child labor banned

▪1939 - Bust of Taubman commissioned by the City of Long Beach





▪1947 - October 3 - Died

 ▪1940s produced 47 graduates ▪1945 "Unified Promotion" became accepted procedure by "Cooperative Churches" - one fund for all program funding.

1947 Dead Sea Scrolls found

1948 World Council of Churches

1949 Billy Graham holds successful evangelistic campaign in Los Angeles

▪1941 Pearl Harbor (US enters WWII)

▪1946 D-Day & V-E Day

▪1946 United Nations




▪1953 Kenneth Stewart called to presidency

▪1954 Harvey Beard becomes first full-time professor

▪1950 First annual convention of Independent Missionaries held in Eugene, OR

1950 National Council of Churches formed

▪1950 Korean War begins

▪1954 School desegregation ordered; enforced in 1956




▪1963 AABC accreditation

▪Medford Jones called to presidency

▪Pacific Bible Seminary changes name to Pacific Christian College

▪1969 WASC accreditation

▪1968 The Disciples of Christ formally voted to become a full denomination, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).. 1964 Vatican II

▪1963 March on Washington to promote Civil RIghts

▪1964 US enters VietNam war

▪1964-68 Race riots



▪1970 - George P. Taubman, Jr. Died

▪1973 Pacific Christian College moves to Fullerton campus  

1975 Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago serves as model for "megachurches"

1979 Jerry Falwell founds Moral Majority (forerunner of Christian Coalition)

▪1973 US Supreme Court legalizes abortion

▪1974 Nixon resigns

▪1974 US leaves Viet Nam

▪1976 Jimmy Carter pardons draft evaders



  ▪1982 Knofel Staton called to presidency  

1980 Pentecostal Hispanic churches recognized as among fastest growing churches

1983 reunion of North and South Presbyterian Churches


▪1987 Iran-Contra Report

▪1989 Fall of Soviet Union




▪1990 LeRoy Lawson called to presidency



▪1997PCC changes corporate name to Hope International University



1997 Promise Keepers, evangelical men's organization, holds the largest reported religious gathering in US history

1997-99 Vineyard Movement revivals in Toronto and Pensacola, Florida

▪1990-91 Persian Gulf War



▪2003 John Derry called to presidency

▪2006 ABHE accreditation

    ▪2001 Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentegon

For a more detailed time line of the Restoration Movement including events prior to 1801, see Timeline of the Stone-Campbell Movement Hymnals of Lincoln Christian College and Seminary.)

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